Answers to Questions on our Flyers and Rack Cards

Naples Secrets in the Sun book by Alan Bianco

Answers to Questions on
Our Flyers and Rack Cards

1. At the end of Whippoorwill Lane
2. No
3. KC (of Sunshine Band fame)
4. The North Naples Country Club (Which is not a country club – it’s a bar/restaurant, nor is it in North Naples – it’s in Naples Park)
5. Bales of marijuana
6. At Third Street



in the Sun

Alan Bianco

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Naples Secrets in the Sun book by Alan Bianco
Naples Secrets in the Sun book by Alan Bianco

About My Book

Naples Secrets in the Sun humorously reveals the secrets and stories of one of America’s wealthiest MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical areas) and its people, as uncovered by an inquisitive, yet genteel, urban cowboy/lapsed Hippie Uber® driver. 

The book looks at the history of three separate and distinct areas in southwest Florida: The City of Naples, the populated area of Collier County, and the MSA of Naples/Marco Island. All of which, strangely, are called Naples, Florida. 

Several historical quirks of the area(s) are (also humorously) presented and explained. (i.e., how many downtowns does Naples have? Did Marco Polo discover Marco Island? Why isn’t East Naples in the east?) Also (humorously) revealed are a few little-known secrets of Naples (i.e., where was Naples’ last nudist colony? Is liquor really responsible for the Tamiami Trail? What is a Flying Florida Pick with Delta-V management?). 

Since Naples is the land of 10,000 restaurants (actually, there are about a thousand), a few of these emporia (in each traditional dining category: godawfully expensive fine dining, casual dining, and local hangouts) are (again, humorously) reviewed and discussed. 

The book then briefly turns to the formation and operation of Uber Technologies, Inc., America’s modern magic carpet ride. Uber’s triumphs (many), as well as its failures (a few) are (guess what? Yup, humorously) reviewed and dissected. This section also contains some very helpful tips on how Uber riders can comfortably and cost-effectively ride their magic carpet. 

The major portion of the book (did I say, humorously?) relates the author’s tales of his good, bad, and ugly passengers. And they are an eclectic lot of good: The world’s best-looking woman, one of the NBA’s best basketball players, a former mayor; bad: Rip Off Raquel, Russians (one, not all); and ugly: the evil old lady. 

Naples’ Secrets in the Sun is fun to read. It (this time, let’s just say, amusingly) informs and entertains any reader. It also (wittily?) illuminates one of the most fascinating places in America!

What You’ll Find in this Book

Everglades Bank

Several historical quirks of the area are presented and explained.

  • How Much Deep Damage Did Donna Do?
  • Was A Civil War Battle Fought in Fort Myers?
  • Why Did Charles Lindbergh Land on Fifth Avenue?

    Also revealed are a few little-known secrets of Naples.

    • What is Square Grouper?
    • What is Naples’ Most Popular “Local Hangout”?
    • What Does Elcam Mean?

    Included in the back of the book are free maps of The City of Naples and of Collier County.

    Maps of Collier County & Naples

    Click maps to enlarge.

    Praise for

    Naples Secrets in the Sun

    Naples Secrets in the Sun takes a ride into a retired Florida lawyer’s decision to become an Uber driver—in the midst of the COVID pandemic. The clients and vivid stories he gathered make for an exploration of Florida like no other. From byways and the culture of the rich and retired to unique stories of and encounters with passengers, Alan Bianco crafts a satisfyingly colorful, lively collection of experiences accompanied by snippets of wisdom on ‘the meaning of life.’ Florida’s culture and Naples’ byways and personalities come to life. Libraries and readers looking for inviting stories will find Naples Secrets in the Sun a rollicking blend of cultural and social inspection that Florida typically does not receive.”

    Read the whole review here.

    — D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

    “This book is filled with hilarious encounters between an Uber driver and his quirky passengers. It’s a ride well worth taking.”

    — Aphrodite Jones, New York Times bestselling author

    “For those intrigued by the City of Naples, you’re in for a treat! This witty wordsmith/Uber driver explores the nooks and crannies of the popular Florida city while learning its secrets from the natives in the back seat. Enjoy the ride!”

    — David Aretha, award-winning author

    “Naples Secrets in the Sun is clever, informative, and creative; the best literary work since the Bible!”

    — William J. Bianco, the author’s brother

    The Author


    Alan Bianco

    Alan Bianco is a renaissance man, at least in his own mind. He has spent most of his life as a lawyer, but has also been employed repairing street potholes, delivering cosmetics, announcing polo matches, stocking supermarket shelves, creating computer software, operating a website, teaching at a university, and inspecting apartments in Harlem. These activities have given Al a unique (some say skewed) view of life. 

    Al’s writing style has been described as “droll” by his friends and acquaintances and as “corny” and “trite” by his enemies and adversaries. 

    This is Al’s first attempt at creative writing and first published book, but not his first attempt at humor (that would be his political humor website:

    Contact Alan

    All media inquiries, comments, or questions for Alan can be sent to him through this form. He will respond as quickly as he can.

    Meaning of Life website

    What is The Meaning of Life?

    World’s Greatest Political Satire!

    Relax and laugh a little. Rather than disparaging the “other” groups, let’s smile and humorously (I said humorously) critique (with a little disparagement) them and their views. And while we’re at it, let’s also take a critical (but also humorous) look at ourselves and our views as well. Sometimes, we will be right! And sometimes, we will be just as wrong (and just as crazy) as they are!

    Right or wrong, our humor will drive the “others” nuts, but eventually, they (and we) will realize that they (and we) are not so perfect or so right (correct, not conservative) after all!

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